Glasgow Charing Cross Accountants

Glasgow Charing Cross Accountants

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Find a accountant in Glasgow’s Charing Cross

Charing Cross has a rich and dense business area but it can be difficult to find an accountant.

Thanks to The Kelvin Partnership, you can stop your tiring search.

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Simply fill in the form at this location to receive a callback from The Kelvin Partnership. There is no obligation.

About the area

Charing Cross is a major road junction in the Scottish city of Glasgow. It is situated north of the River Clyde at the intersection of Sauchiehall Street, St George’s Road, Woodlands Road, North Street and Newton Street, as well as being at a major interchange of the M8 motorway. Formerly the gateway from the shopping area of Sauchiehall Street to the more prosperous Woodlands area, its architectural qualities were largely razed by the building of the motorway.

It still marks the boundary between the City Centre and the West End of the City. Nearby landmarks include the Mitchell Library, the biggest reference library in Western Europe. Charing Cross was also part of the so-called Square Mile of Murder, the location of a series of sensational murders which scandalised Victorian society.