Self Employed

Accountants for Self-Employed

Taking the route of self-employment is daunting enough without the added stresses of accounting. We understand that your accountancy package must be as unique as your business and with this in mind, The Kelvin Partnership wants to help you on your road to self-employment. 

Accountants for self-employed

The right accountant can bring your business many advantages:

    • Time-saving. Having an accountant gives you time to build your business effectively without the stresses of missed payments, tax and general accountancy needs.
    • Tax Strategies. Smaller businesses are entitled to lower tax liabilities and the right accountant could guide you to finding the most tax-efficient option for your business.
    • Help you grow your business. Accountants can offer invaluable advice that can offer insight and financial benefits that may have otherwise passed you by.

We recommend you request a call back from The Kelvin Partnership as you could save money on your tax bill.

Request a call back

If you would like to speak to an accountant to meet yours and your company’s needs, you can get a callback from The Kelvin Partnership. Simply fill in the form here and we’ll  get back to you as soon as possible.