Accountants for charities

Managing a charity involves meticulous planning, tireless work and complicated financial regulations. We understand that along with managing, and growing a charity, accountancy can be a heavy load to burden. We believe we’re the right accountant in Glasgow to meet yours and your charity’s needs. 

An accountant can offer your charity many benefits:

    • Save you time. An accountant can help you free up time that can be spent on what matters most, your charity work
    • Growth. Whether you are a long standing charity or just starting out, there are many opportunities that accountants can open up for you, that you may have previously missed. A dedicated accountant will help you discover what could help your charity grow.
    • Assisting with audits. With tight regulations on charities, this is important.
    • Invaluable insight. A dedicated, thorough accountant will have a full understanding of all regulations and can keep your company in check.

We understand that the market for local accountants can seem over-saturated but at Th Kelvin Partnership, we believe that we’re the best accountants to ensure that your charity gets the best, and most dedicated service possible. We want you to work safe in the knowledge that your finances are in good hands and our service guarantees that you can.

Whether you are a new charity or an established one requiring a new accountant, we recommend you request a call back from us, we will be happy to assist you. 

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